Why Materra?

Materra does not just build ponds, we build ecosystems. This allows for much less maintenance of your new pond than any other installation. Materra is partnered with Aquascape and is an exclusive Aquascape dealer in Colorado – we standardize on Aquascape for all water feature distribution needs. Materra is certified with Aquascape as a Master Contractor which requires lengthy training programs & strict renewal requirements. Materra also holds special licensing by the State required to clean & maintain storm water ponds, and is a licensed Nursery with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Materra Ponds are Different

We’ve said it before – Materra does not just build ponds or waterfalls, we build ecosystems that help care for themselves. Materra’s techniques are based on years of research & testing allowing us to build the perfect pond. Our ponds promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, promote healthy aeration, and limit algae growth. Materra does not sell you useless bottom drains or other accessories that you do not need.

We are not a Landscaper

Materra Waterscapes does not do general landscaping – we focus only on water features. Many if not any landscaper would sell you a pond – they have the equipment & laborers to put one in, they know where to source rock, but they really don’t understand many parts of a proper pond installation. About 80% of the ponds Materra touches were installed by landscapers incorrectly and we were hired to fix or redo them entirely – which almost always costs more than the initial installation. Customers complain of high maintenance, filter problems, equipment malfunctions, algae problems, leaks, and many other issues.

Materra Stays With You!

Materra’s Monthly Maintenance program runs year round to help you keep your pond healthy. We will show up every month, check your pond for quality issues and help it as required. We don’t build you a pond, hand you the remote and say good luck! We give you the education and tools required to keep your pond healthy and low maintenance!

Looking for Professional References?

We are known all around town as a premiere water-feature specialist. Feel free to contact the Better Business Bureau (A+), Home Advisor (4.7 Star Rating), Google (5 Star Rating), Ewing Irrigation Supply (Highlands Ranch), Santa Fe Stone & Gravel (Littleton), Jared’s Nursery (Littleton), or True Pump (Denver). You may also contact Aquascape directly and verify our Master CAC status with them! And yes, are licensed and insured – we even licensed with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.