Storm-water Pond Maintenance

When maintaining a water feature like a retention basin or storm-water runoff, we understand what to look for when issues can arise, and also understand the appropriate management measure to maintain your storm-water runoff.

An important part of any detention and retention basin is proper management of erosion and sediment around the water feature. In additional to maintaining and repairing any retention pond equipment associated with the water feature(s). 

Retention pond management is one of the many water feature services offered by Materra Waterscapes. Retention ponds can seem extremely simple to manage, but can become a nuisance if not maintained properly. We work with apartment complexes, golf courses, city’s and county’s throughout the state managing retention and detention ponds. 

If left unmanaged, retention ponds can end up with a list of bad bacteria, mosquito larvae, even harmful gases like methane and nitrogen. In addition to that, overgrown lake-weed, toxic algae’s and much more can be present. Risking your tenants and any animals close by if not maintained properly or at all. 

We like to encourage our associates who own these water features, to setup a proactive retention pond maintenance plan as the cost to get one of these water features under control can increase exponentially once overgrown and potentially toxic.