Pond Spring & Fall Cleanings

Materra offers Spring & Fall Water Feature Cleanings!

Materra’s Deluxe Pond Cleanings Includes:

Full Pond Drain & Rinse/Power Wash (Fish put into Aerated 500 Gallon Holding Tank if applicable)
Clean Skimmer Net & Filter Mat (as needed)
Clean BioFalls Filter/BioBalls Media (Spring Only)
Clean & Adjust Pump for Proper Flow
Check and adjust automatic water fill (if applicable)
Adjust Aerators, Bubblers, Heaters, and De-Icers.
Check Dosing Systems, UV Filters, and Ionizers.
Trim Water Lilies/Dead Aquatic Plants (as needed)
Fertilize Water Lilies Additional $5 EA
Replant/Transplant Water Lilies Additional $45 EA
Debris Removal (Leaves/Pine Needles)
Beneficial Bacteria to Kickstart New Bacteria
Detoxify Water for Fish & Plants
All recommended water treatmentsf
Service Record Copy for work performed
Recommendations for product replacement/enhancement

The best time to perform a clean out is the early spring, before your pond awakens completely from its winter dormancy. Do this when water temperature is between 45 and 60 degrees. The reason this is necessary is that the beneficial bacteria that grows in your filters and rocks has not yet established itself. NOTE: If you perform this clean out late, after water temperature is over 60 degrees you might throw your ecosystem out of whack and will possibly go through a green phase before your bacteria colonies can re-establish themselves. If this happens, it takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks to clear up the water in your pond.

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