Natural Pools & Ponds

Natural Ozone Pools & Ponds
Love the aesthetics of a recreation pond but desire the water quality of a pool? We have your solution! Materra offers a natural ozone pool option that takes the best elements of each design and merges them together! The bottom of this pool is covered in pavers allowing for easy brushing and vacuuming but also keeping it comfortable on the feet. The system in equipped with a natural intake bay which pulls debris in for easy removal with a net – no more clogged skimmers! Pool is outfitted with jets and lighting throughout and also comes with a high flow waterfall on the side! A tanning ledge option is a great place for loungers or kids playing.

-Can we have fish in this type of pool? Unfortunately no, they will not survive in this type of environment.
-Can the pool be heated? Yes! We recommend a heater for for late spring/summer/early fall use. During the winter, the heater could keep running though we can also winterize it (the heater) and leave the rest of the pool operational for beautiful year round aesthetics! Pool can make a great plunge pool for the winter!
-How difficult is the pool to maintain? It’s maintained just similar to a swimming pool! We recommend a different type of pool vacuum (the RipTide). See more here.

-Can you swim in this feature? If you intend to do so, permitting may be required. You can certainly enjoy the asthetics without swimming but maintain like a pool for optimal water clarity.

*Photos used with permission

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