Maintenance Plans

Packages for Ponds & Pondless Waterfalls upto 100sqft:

Call For Pricing! 303-214-2688

Why do we maintain your pond through the winter?

  • With Autofill’s Turned Off – Top Off Pond Water with Unfrozen Hoses
  • Full Water Testing
  • Water is treated each visit to ensure:
    • Amend Cold Water Bacteria Strains
    • Detoxify Nitrates
    • Remove Chlorine and Ammonia
    • Destroy Chloramines
    • Detoxify Copper & Heavy Metals
    • Boost Alkalinity
    • Add Essential Electrolytes
    • Add 3 Part Slime Coat for Fish
    • Add Stress Reducer
    • Remove Tannin’s/Discoloration From Water
  • Skim Debris – Fall/Winter we see the Most Debris of any Seasons.
  • Ensure Proper Operation of Bubbler/Aerators & De-Icers.
    • Sufficent Aeration through the Winter is a Must!
    • A Hole Must be Kept in the Ice For Gas Exchange!
  • Monitor Fish Health (If Applicable).
  • Information Sheet Provided with Details of our Visit.