Maintaining a Natural Chlorinated Pond/Pool

These ponds (also known as natural pools) are made using Epdm Liner, Granite, Limestone, and Sandstone. To prolong the life of your pond we are recommending an ozone system over salt.

Rules for Maintaining Properly:

  • Chlorine should never exceed 3ppm.
  • Only acceptable Chlorine is Calcium Hypochlorite.
  • Dichlor, Trichlor, and Cynauric Acid is strictly prohibited.
  • Chloramines are eliminated with ozone thus shocking is not necessary.
  • Adjust PH only with Poolife PH Up and Down powders. Do not add liquid acids.
  • Feel free to use non copper algaecides – recommend Defend + by Poolife. Algaecides should be used weekly as a preventative measure against algae growth.
  • Poolife Flocculants and Clarifiers are supported.
  • Poolife Phosphate Binders are supported.
  • Sodium Bisulfate to lower alkalinity.
  • Borates in these ponds are still being investigated.
  • Stain prevention agents are being tested.
  • Chlorine Tabs are restricted with the exception of Poolife NST Prime Tablets inside an NST Feeder.
  • Clean Cartridge filter Monthly or as necessary – refer to manufacturer instructions.
  • Clean Pump Basket Weekly.
  • Net Water and Intake Bay Daily.
  • Scrub bottom and Vaccum Bi-Weekly.
  • Brush chemicals till dissolved to prevent staining and ensure proper distribution.
  • Test Ozone Weekly.
  • Dogs are not allowed. A dog is equivalent to the oils and Ammonia of 50 human bathers and clog the system with hair. It is not safe for a dog to swim.
  • Refer to Manufacturer Instructions.

Required Levels:

  • PH should be kept between 7.2-7.6.
  • Free Chlorine kept at 1ppm.
  • Alkalinity kept at 80-120
  • Calcium Hardness kept at 200-400
  • No Metals
  • CYA should be 0.
  • Copper should be 0.
  • Phosphates should be 0.
  • Bromine 0
  • Ammonia 0
  • Salt 0 (Saltwater ponds/pools are supported but may shorten the life of your feature).
  • Recommend showering before entering water.
  • Keep test strips on hand to test for safe water.
  • Do not enter water if water tests outside these ranges.


  • Waterfalls should be turned off for the winter and the related equipment & piping winterized. Turn off pump and blow out entire line. Do not turn on till spring and keep running if weather is freezing.
  • Keep water balanced through the winter!
  • Net pond in the fall to prevent excess debris. Remove net entirely before using pond.
  • Pond may freeze over, keep jets running. Test water via pump basket.
  • Ensure pumps are running constantly during winter to prevent freeze damage. Power outages may result in damage to your feature so monitor and call the Materra Emergency number if necessary.

Deviating from these instructions may cause damage to your pond and void your warranty. Water should be tested at Terra Waterscape Supply monthly to prevent issues.

Natural Pools are new and largely untested. Not much information exists on how to maintain these features and the effects of maintenance on rocks, liners, etc. This information may change as we learn new methods to maintain natural pools/ponds. EPDM is warrantied for 20 years which is our minimum expected lifespan of your pool/pond. Due to its natural construction methods, settling may occur along with rocks degrading, etc which only adds to the natural elements of the feature.